Hance Reported Interested In Bringing A South Texas Institution In The Tech System

Texas Tech reportedly is interested in bringing a branch of the University of Houston in south Texas under the Tech university system. The Victoria Advocate reports  that Tech is hiring former University of Houston-Victoria chancellor Tim Hudson is to become vice chancellor at Tech. The Advocate says a formal announcement of his hiring is expected today and could pave the way for the University of Houston-Victoria to become a part of the Tech system. Last August Hudson was reassigned a special assistant to the chancellor for international programs and initiatives at the University of Houston. His supporters say he was reassigned as punishment in the wake of efforts to realign UHV with another system, which turned out to be Texas A&M University. The Aggies were not everyone’s first choice. Victoria businessman Claud Jacobs says quote: “My first choice was Texas Tech, and they really wanted to be here.” Jacobs and others say Tech Chancellor Kent Hance displayed strong interest in having UHV join the Tech system. But legislation was filed earlier this year aimed at putting UHV under the A&M university system. Talks about that realignment have been delayed because of the legislature’s special session and the stepping down of A&M’s own chancellor.  Some Victorians now see Tech as getting back into the picture. The University of Houston-Victoria has been an upper-division and graduate school only, but is being  expanded to admit freshmen and sophomores for the first time this year.


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