He’s No Longer Coach Mike Leach–Now Its Author Mike Leach

Mike Leach is returning to Lubbock, not as football coach and not as a court plaintiff but as the author of a book about his life and often stormy times. Texas Tech’s former head football coach is scheduled to appear at Barnes & Noble on July 19th to sign copies of the upcoming book,  “Swing Your Sword: Leading the Charge in Football and Life” — that title being a takeoff on Leach’s well-known fascination with pirates. The publisher, Diversion Books, says the book will delve into Leach’s bitter parting from Tech, where he was fired in 2009 after being accused of mistreating a player. Leach has been in courts challenging his firing – so far unsuccessfully. But his lawyers say they haven’t given up the legal battle. A foreword in the book, written by author Michael Lewis, says, quote: “It borders on a sin that Mike Leach is writing books instead of coaching football right now.” Leach currently is living jobless in Key West Florida.


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