Amarillo Looks For Cause of E.Coli Infections In Seven Children

Health officials at Amarillo are trying to determine how seven children have come down with the  E.coli bacterial infection. Dr. Roger Smalligan, public health authority for Potter and Randall counties, says four youngstersare hospitalized. The Amarillo Globe News says authorities will not release the conditions of the children. Smalligan does say that several of the children are related to each other. Officials have not linked any specific food to the illness. They are looking at such possible causes as international travel, exposure to infected animals, human-to-human contact with infected individuals or non-public sources of water. Smalligan says most people with an E.coli illness develop diarrhea, often bloody, and abdominal cramps two to eight days after being infected. Most recover within a week, but some develop kidney failure requiring dialysis.


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