Food Bank Kicks Off Summer Of Sharing

To make sure that there is not a shortage of food at the Food Bank, as occurred last year, a new event called Summer of Sharing will take place. David Weaver of the Food Bank explains how you can help.

“The simple way is just to donate a few cans of food, maybe to look at doing that once a month through the summer months,” Weaver told KFYO.

“Plains Capital Bank has been very generous in saying that they have barrels at their locations where people can drop off, so it’s really simple.  They also a special account set up, if people want to donate at Plains Capital.  There are going to be other food drives going on…the Can Can Food Drive is coming up in a few weeks.  You can always donate online to the South Plains Food Bank at .

The goal is to raise 300,000 pounds of food and $50,000.


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