Counselor Console Lubbock School Over Accidental Shooting Of Third-Grader

Grief counselors are consoling students and others at Lubbock Christian School in the wake of the tragic death of a schoolmate . Nine-year-old third-grader Soren Dahlstrom died Friday night after she was accidentally shot by her grandfather and Lubbock Christian School  superintendent Peter Dahlstrom. The accident happened when Peter Dahlstrom had his grandchildren with him on a hunting outing in Hockley County. Authorities said the youngsters were watching him shoot at rabbits from his truck, and granddaughter Soren apparently leaned forward in the line of fire. Hockley County Sheriff Kevin Davis said there was absolutely no indication of reckless behaviour on the part of the grandfather. The girl was rushed to University Medical Center where she was pronounced dead around midnight Friday.


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