Tech License-Checking System Helps Track A Terrorist

Texas Tech officials say a license plate recognition system developed by the university helped police locate accused terrorist Khalid Aldawsari. The three-year-old system originally was meant to enforce parking on campus. It eliminated students’ having to display parking permits and officers’ writing parking tickets.  Tech’s Information Systems manager Stephen Lambert says the software-based program can check an entire parking lot in 20 minutes, the time it takes an officer on run just to run one lane of cars. Medley tells KAMC-28 the system was instrumental in tracking down Aldawsari, a former Tech student—so he says the system works to keep the campus and the community safer. The License Plate Recognition System works by cameras mounted to two mobile units which take pictures of vehicle’s license plates to check E-permits of the operators.  The system can track movements of vehicles and help police recover stolen vehicles.


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