Slaton Officer Quits Under Scrutiny Of Homeland Security

A Slaton police officer resigns after being the target of an investigation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Rick Lewis quit last week, ending a 10-year career on the Slaton police force.  Homeland Security is usually thought of as the federal agency that goes after terrorist activities.But why Lewis was being investigated is not clear. Both Mayor D.W. Englund and Police Chief Royce Goodson are quoted as saying even they don’t know exactly what Lewis is accused of. The chief does say the  investigation has nothing to do with Slaton’s security but is something else Lewis may have been involved in.


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  1. slaton22 Says:

    People in Slaton live under a rock if they seriously believe everything they hear. Its called GOSSIP. I know what he did is not good at all but what have you done and got away with? People in this town “complain” because they get in trouble for breaking the law. Just so tired of all the complaining from citizens that cause alot of the problems. This police department is no jewel but there have been and are some really good police officers that do their job good considering the people here they have to put up with.

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