Hernandez Lawsuit Moved To Federal Court

You don’t see a case like this very often. 

A city councilman, Victor Hernandez, who has been fighting to keep his position on the council following news stories about unpaid taxes, is representing his wife, a justice of the peace, in a lawsuit against Bank of America. 

It’s a dispute over the foreclosure of the couple’s home, and the case was first filed in the court of Judge Ruben Reyes, who administered the oath of office to Hernandez when Hernandez returned to the city council last year.

If Reyes was chosen for the oath because of friendship or other personal reasons, that could raise questions about a conflict of interest.  But apparently that won’t happen.  In the lawsuit, Hernandez has  claimed that the foreclosure took place without due process, a violation of the Hernandez family’s constitutional rights, and the lawsuit has now been moved from state court to federal court.


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