Martin Talks About Hernandez Options Not Pursued

The city council decided Thursday to take no further action regarding Victor Hernandez, and on Lubbock’s First News on KFYO, the mayor suggested there are no viable options because the district attorney chose not to pursue the case in court.  

But in the same interview, the mayor admitted there is another option that the council chose not to pursue.

“We could take the same thing to the attorney general,” Martin said.  ” But the chances of the attorney general doing it when the local district attorney wouldn’t are probably nil.”

The chances were definitely nil when the council chose not to send the case to the attorney general. 

“And so, with that, there’s really no other option for us to take,” Martin said.

But later in the interview…

“It’s my understanding there is another provision that allows any citizen to take it to court…that’s always an option that’s available,” Martin said.  “It can be anybody.”

But so far, no one on the council, and no one at city hall, has volunteered to take on that job.


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