Four Hundred Sign Up To Take A Space Flight From New Mexico

Quite a few people are eagerly paying a big chunk of cash to hop aboard a trip into space being offered by the space company of British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. Four hundred have put down deposits for a flight on his Virgin Galactic spacecraft even though the ticket price might strike the average earthman as a bit steep. The fare is 200,000 dollars for passengers to take the first suborbital launch which may be as early as 2013. They’ll be up for two hours after lifting off from New Mexico’s Spaceport America near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Tickets are being offered online by going to Be aware that the deposit itself for Sir Richard’s space jaunt is no nickel and dime affair. To reserve a seat you’ll have to put up at least 20,000 dollars. You have to hope for that you will get a window seat.


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