Hart Cattle Operation Under Scrutiny For Livestock Abuse

The owner of a cattle operation at Hart north of Plainview faces a criminal investigation for a documented use of pickaxes and claw hammers to kill sick or injured calves.  E6 Cattle Company owner Kirt Espenson said he is embarrassed and disappointed by what happened and takes full responsibility. He said he’s fired four workers for what they did. Nevertheless there’s been an outcry of criticism after an animal rights group secretly videotaped workers killing and abusing calves at  Espenson’s company. Yesterday the Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas, the Texas Farm Bureau and other state ag associations condemned the abuse, saying it does not reflect the actions of other cattlemen who work hard to provide good care for their livestock. A statement by the groups said the blunt force shown in the video is prohibited as a means of euthanasia by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and the American Veterinary Medical Association.


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