Heritage Foundation Senior Tax Policy Analyst Curtis Dubay Talks About Non-Taxpayers On KFYO

Almost half of all households owed nothing on tax day.  In an interview on Lubbock’s First News on KFYO, Curtis Dubay, a senior tax policy analyst with the Heritage Foundation said that’s not good. 

“That means that for all the things that the income tax funds – like national defense, homeland security, national parks, Food and Drug Administration, it’s a long list – these people are paying absolutely nothing for that,” Dubay said. 

“That means they have no vested interest in controlling the size of government.  When politicians come to them and say, ‘I want to do more spending,’ they have no reason to say ‘no’ because it’s not costing them a dime.”

And Dubay said many of those who don’t pay income tax actually get money from  the IRS as a result of refundable tax credits.


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