Cattle Company in Hart Under Investigation for Animal Abuse

The E-6 Cattle Company in Hart, Texas has various groups in an uproar after video was released of workers abusing livestock.

The video was secretly recorded over the span of two weeks by an animal rights group called “Mercy for Animals.”

In the video, men are shown violently striking sick calves with pickaxes and claw hammers.

They also are shown throwing, kicking, and stomping on the animals.

A criminal investigation has been launched by the Castro County Sheriff’s Office.

The owner of E6 Cattle, Kirt Espenson, says he takes full responsibility for his workers actions and expresses embarrassment and disappointment of their actions.

The employees on the video have since been fired.


2 Responses to “Cattle Company in Hart Under Investigation for Animal Abuse”

  1. Barbara Bellucio Says:

    Mr. Espenson should go to jail along with the inhumane pigs he hired. If he employs those kinds of people, hes probably like them. Garbage doesn’t fall far from the dump. His company should be investigated on a regular basis. He and his company are disgusting.

  2. candy crowson Says:

    This is sickening and disturbing. all those who tortured and killed the calfs should be arrested and persecuted to the full extent of the law.

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