United Pledges $150,000 To Salvation Army

“I think it’s something our community needs.”

That’s Robert Taylor, the CEO and president of United Supermarkets, announcing that United will help the Salvation Army with its Red Shield Home Transitional Living Program.

“We’re proud today to announce that we’re going to partnership with the Army on the Red Shield Housing Project for Homeless,” Taylor said.  “We also like to announce that we’re going to make a donation of $150,000 over three years to get the project kicked off.  We’re proud to be your partner.”

Captain Mike Morton of the Salvation Army describes the project as a three-tiered approach to eradicating homelessness that includes emergency shelter, transitional shelter and transitional housing programs.  The third program will be supported by the United donation.

“Mr. Taylor, on behalf of the Army, thank you,” Morton said.  “It’s an incredible encouragement  on the path that we’re going to hear this kind of support and see it come to fruition.”


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