Trinity Church Schedules Four Free Family Parties At Lubbock Parks

Trinity Church will be holding free family events Saturday at four different parks around Lubbock.  Trinity’s first annual “Party in the Park” will have differing parties going on simultaneously at Butler, Leftwich, Rodgers and Hoel Park. For example,  Butler Park at East 4th and Zenith Avenue will offer live hip-hop music and removable tattooes, among other things. Lefwich Park at 60th and Elgin will have laser tag and human hamster ball races. Rodgers on the corner of Amerst and Gary Avenue will have an egg hunt.  Hoel Park at 91st and Chicago will have carnival games. All will have free food and drink  and give-away prizes. Officials at the non-denominational church say the events as meant to be an outreach effort, and say people are invited regardless of whether they have a religious affiliation or attend church. The parties will be going on from  1 to 3 Saturday afternoon.


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