Texas Tech Alerts Campus About A Violent Sexual Assault

Texas Tech police are warning that there may be a continuing threat on campus from a sex attacker still on the loose. A crime alert was issued at Tech yesterday after a reported violent sexual assault at the Student Recreation Center. A male student said he was choked unconscious and sexually assaulted by another man around 6 p.m. in a men’s shower room. Tech police issued a statement later saying, quote: “It can be assumed that conditions may continue to exist that pose a threat to members and guests of the Tech community.” The attacker was described as a Hispanic about 20 years old, six feet three and weighing about 200 pounds.  The suspect also was described as having a bald head, a black goatee and was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. Anyone with information about him is urged to call Tech police at 743-2000 or just call nine one one.


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