Maybe Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

“I am a certified laughter yoga leader, if you can believe there is such a thing.”

So says Patty Freier, and she’s not joking.

“Laughter yoga is a unique idea where any individual can laugh any time, any place, for no reason at all.  This is a great tool to have in your arsenal,” Freier told KFYO.

All joking aside, Freier is a registered nurse who will offer a session on laughter yoga as part of the Go Red for Women Luncheon.  It will be held April 14th at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, hosted by Covenant Health System and the American Heart Association. Freier’s presentation on laughter yoga is part of an effort to educate women about the number one killer of women, heart disease.

“I teach it in the context of fighting heart disease because it helps you control your blood pressure,” Freier said.  “Stress is a big cause of heart disease and a lot of other conditions as well, and this is a very effective tool in relieving stress.”

For more information about the event, call the American Heart Association at 777-4799.


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