Salvation Army Captain Talks About Homeless

On Lubbock’s First News on KFYO, Captain Mike Morton of the Salvation Army talked about ways of helping the homeless, and like the mayor, Morton talked favorably about the new location on Avenue A where the homeless are getting help.

“It’s a much needed facility,” Morton said.  “When we looked at our planning study, we took into account the concept of a day center, and that’s part of the site map plan that we’re looking at.  But that’s exactly what’s happening over on Avenue A.  That day center gives them an opportunity to take a shower, wash some clothes, to do some different things that they need done…and it gives us a place to go where we can support them.

The Salvation Army’s long-term plans that include an emergency shelter, transitional shelter and more, are the subject of the next edition of This Week in Lubbock, KFYO’s public service program, this Sunday  at 6 a.m.


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