Holly Authority Griggs Dies At Age 69

Lubbock’s recognized authority on the life and career of Buddy Holly is dead. Bill Griggs died yesterday at the age of 69 after suffering cancer. Griggs was inducted in the West Texas Walk of Fame last July. At the time he told A-J Entertainment Editor William Kerns that he had spent 42 years researching and publishing items about West Texas music and Buddy Holly and the Crickets. And, quote: “To be recognize now for that input by the city of Lubbock with aplaque  that will be around long after I am gone, is an honor I cannot really describe.”  Holly was the first person inducted in the Walk of Fame, in 1979.


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  1. Dale Says:

    Family and fellow friends of Mr. Griggs: My attempt to express in mere words my feelings at this time will fall far short. I’m confident that Bill was aware of my sincere admiration and appreciation of his passion for his work, his love of life and his immense capacity to make others happy and feel welcome. I have lost a dear friend, though Mr. Griggs and I have not had face to face contact in 20 years. Some folks are friends for life, and that is all that need be said. I am grateful that Mr. Griggs will suffer no longer, and I sincerely hope we all can celebrate, as Bill would want us to, his great love of real rock and roll, the sheer exuberance of life that the good stuff is made of. Just like Buddy Holly’s music, Bill’s great achievement was his ability to provide a focal point for thousands of us from dozens of countries world wide, to laugh and share good times through common interest. A fine man is gone, we will miss him greatly. I know an unimaginably great concert is being organized by Bill as we speak. Thank you Mr. Griggs, Dale W

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