Teen Straight Talk Program to Take Place Saturday Afternoon

A free program will be held this weekend to help motivate parents and their children to talk about often-delicate topics.

Teen Straight Talk is designed to get adults and teens to talk about some topics such as abstinence, teen pressures, sex education, and responsible decision making.

Event co-chair Kathleen McPherson said “We are here to assist with opening the lines of communication and hopefully the information will assist attendees to make appropriate choices for their lives.”

The first part of the program is presented by professional counselors, TTU Health Sciences Center faculty, and psychologists from the Lubbock area. The second part is a comprehensive sex education program provided by HSC OB/GYN faculty, nursing, and medical students.

The event will take place at the Health Sciences Center Academic Classroom Building, at 3601 4th Street, Room 150 beginning at 12:30 p.m. Saturday.


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