Hernandez’s Future Remains Uncertain

“There’s no change.” 

That’s the latest from Mayor Tom Martin regarding the status of Councilman Victor Hernandez. 

It’s been seven weeks since KFYO broke the story about Victor Hernandez and his unpaid property taxes, six weeks since the question of whether Hernandez is eligible to remain on the council ended up in the district attorney’s office. 

“We’re waiting for him to make the determination whether he intends to take it forward to district court or not,” Mayor Tom Martin said on Lubbock’s First News on KFYO.

Martin said he doesn’t know which way District Attorney Matt Powell is leaning regarding taking the case to court.

When asked whether he had expected a decision by now, Martin said, “I would have hoped we would have a decision by now, but Mr. Powell has to make that decision.”

If the DA takes no action, Martin says there is one other option.

“A citizen could file a lawsuit and try to take it forward, but that would require some citizen coming forward and doing that,” Martin said. 

In the meantime, Hernandez continues to be a voting member of the city council.


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