Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees Changes Transfer Rules, Outlines Possible School Consolidations

The Lubbock ISD School Board met this morning and approved changes to the district’s transfer rules.  The biggest change concerns LISD students going into the sixth grade next school year, and all future middle school students.

Students interested in playing sports in high school, will decide which LISD high school they will attend by where they will attend middle school.  The high school in which the student’s middle school feeds into, will be the high school the student attends.

This policy will not apply to LISD students who participate in magnet programs at either Lubbock or Estacado High schools.

Also, the District is considering consolidating two middle schools in north Lubbock. Right now, the possibility exists for LISD to consolidate Alderson and Dunbar Middle Schools, and use the Alderson building at 219 Walnut Avenue for two consolidated elementary schools.

The District could close Parkway and Bozeman Elementaries, and move the students from those schools into the Alderson building. Arnett and Tubbs Elementaries may also be closed, and their students moved to other schools.

The LISD Board of Trustees will consider these measures at a meeting on April 28th. LISD officials say these consolidation measures could save the district an estimated $5.4 million annually.


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