Neugebauer Defends Continuing Resolution Vote

On Lubbock’s First News on KFYO, Congressman Randy Neugebauer defended his recent vote for a continuing resolution to fund the federal government for three more weeks, pointing out that the Republicans control only the House.

“I understand everybody’s frustration.  I’m very frustrated,” Neugebauer said.  “But what I do know is that since you don’t have control over both of those bodies, you have to work through the system and get the things done that you can.  If you recall, the President said he wasn’t going to vote for any cuts, that he just wanted to freeze spending at these levels.  Well, we’ve already got the opportunity to back him off that position.”

And Neugebauer said what Republicans don’t want to do is fracture conservative members of Congress to the point where Nancy Pelosi is back in control of the House.


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