Fears Of Radioactivity Trigger Lubbock Run On Iodine Pills

Lubbock pharmacists and health food stores say Japan’s nuclear crisis has triggered a big demand for iodine pills that can be used to protect a person’s thyroid against the effects of radiation. A high volume of calls is being received about the pills, specifically potassium iodide, even though experts say there’s virtually no danger that radioactivity from Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors will reach the U.S. Nevertheless, iodine pill shelves are being cleaned out at some stores. Vitamins Plus manager Beth Westbrook told KAMC-28 she sold out her stock of 50 bottles in five hours. Well Body Natural Food’s Jessica Shaw said one person came in her store and bought 18 bottles. Shaw said she was not sure when she would be able to get more of the pills from suppliers. People are rushing out to buy the pills elsewhere across the country.


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