Will The Avenue A Tent City Be Permanent?

When the tent city for the homeless on Avenue Q moves to 13th and Avenue A, just how long will it be there? 

On Lubbock’s First News on KFYO, Mayor Tom Martin said the zoning for the property that will be the new location for the tent city does allow tents, which led to a question about how long the tents will be at the new location.

Theoretically, could the Avenue A tent city be there permanently?

“I guess…you bet” the mayor said.  “Is it possible that tent city could be there for a long, long time?  Of course it is.  My guess is as the population changes because the folks will come and go from this tent city, the next generation of the street  homeless may decide that they want to go somewhere else.”

The mayor said he doesn’t know how big the tent city will get.


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