City Attorney Medina Found to Have Owed Back Property Taxes at Time he Took Office – Taken Off Hernandez/Charter Legal Proceedings

Lubbock’s City attorney will not be participating in his full capacity until a ruling is made regarding property taxes and city employees.

City Attorney Sam Medina will not be able to be involved in the legal process to get a ruling on whether or not District 1 Lubbock City Councilman Victor Hernandez forfeited his seat due to indebtedness to the city, after it was discovered that Medina had owed the city back taxes when he took his current position. Medina owed two years worth of back taxes on a rental property when he took office on October 1st of 2009, but didn’t pay the taxes until later on that year. The City Charter says that City of Lubbock employees and officeholders cannot be indebted to the city.

Lubbock Central Appraisal District records show that Medina owed back taxes for 2006 and 2007 on a rental property in the 1600 block of 23rd Street. He paid nearly $3,600 dollars in taxes on the property on December 31st, 2009, nearly three months after taking office.

Medina will continue to hold his position as City attorney for now, but will not be involved in the current city charter dispute. Instead, the City has brought in local attorney Bob Craig to handle the legal proceedings.

Medina, the former judge of the 237th District Court, joins Councilman Hernandez and Assistant City Manager Quincy White as having had outstanding debt to the city while in their current positions.


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