Certified Officers Joining Hobbs Police Can Get Big Bonuses

The Hobbs Police Department is offering 25,000 dollar bonuses in an attempt to attract 10 certified police officers to its force. The funds would be paid after an officer completes five years of service on the Hobbs force. City commissioners unanimously approved the bonus proposal on Monday as a way of stepping up recruiting. Police Chief J.D. Sanders says the bonuses will save the city almost one million dollars as opposed to the cost of recruiting and training non-certified officers. The chief said it costs about 100,000 dollars over the course of about a year to get a new man ready for police duty. In 2007, Hobbs offered a 5,000 bonus for non-certified officers and a 7,500 bonus for certified officers. Sanders says that didn’t work well because new hires weren’t required to stay any length of time and because many of the officers resigned or joined other departments.


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