Does Assistant City Manager Have A Tax Problem?

The section of the city charter that requires city council members to be up- to-date on their city taxes or forfeit their positions also applies to city employees who are not elected officials, and that could mean trouble for assistant city manager Quincy White. 

In his case, according to tax records, his 2010 city taxes that were due by the end of January were paid seven days late, which may mean he  unintentionally forfeited his position, although, presumably, he could be re-hired.  White told KFYO he didn’t realize he had a problem until Sunday night, and was first in line to pay his taxes when the tax office re-opened Monday morning. 

White told KFYO that few if any employees are aware of the part of the charter about employees and taxes. 



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  1. Ric Walton Says:

    It’s not just taxes, but any indebtedness to the City of Lubbock. The can of worms that this opens, allthough I completely agree with the policy, is that a past due utility bill owed by any city employee, effectively terminates that employee!!! I’ll bet that no one is looking into that. As a retired City Manager, I can tell you that City employees are simply a microcosm of the general population that average 10 percent or more that consistenly have past due utility bills.

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