Will Victor Hernandez Resign, Or Does He Have A Legal Defense That Gets Him Off The Hook?

What, if anything, should the Lubbock City Council do about Councilman Victor Hernandez and his tax problem? What can they do? 

The city charter clearly states that one of the qualifications to be on the city council is that council members cannot be indebted to the city, and if a city councilman ceases to qualify for that or any other reason, then he has forfeited his office.

With tax records showing that Councilman Victor Hernandez has owed 2009 taxes for months, apparently before he was elected, it would seem that Hernandez unintentionally forfeited his office, unless there is some loophole that has not yet been made public.

 So what happens next? KFYO is now asking that question of the mayor and council members. KFYO has sent emails to all seven, asking questions like do they believe Hernandez has actually forfeited his position, and if so, who officially announces and enforces the forfeiture. The city charter  apparently doesn’t say.

 And there are questions for Hernandez himself.  Does he plan to resign, or does he have a legal defense that somehow gets him off the hook?  We’ll let you know if and when we get those answers.


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