Was Hernandez An Eligible Candidate In 2010?

The questions about Lubbock City Councilman Victor Hernandez and unpaid taxes are leading to other questions, such as, how did he get on the ballot in 2010 in the first place.   

According to updated numbers from the Central Appraisal District, City Councilman Victor Hernandez and his wife, Justice of the Peace Aurora Hernandez, still have not paid the City of Lubbock in full for their tax bill for 2009 , which  according to the city charter means he may not be eligible to continue serving as councilman.    

If Victor Hernandez in fact owed the city for 2009 taxes when he became a candidate in 2010, according to the city charter, he did not meet the qualifications required to be a candidate. 

When KFYO asked City Secretary Becky Garza about the screening process for candidates, she said her office checks to make sure a candidate is registered to vote and meets residency requirements.  But she said that, because of a previous legal opinion, her office does not inquire about debts to the city unless someone provides information to her about possible debts.


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