New MHMR Substance Abuse Treatment Facility to be Established at Former Early Childhood Center

The Lubbock City Council approved an appeal by the Lubbock Mental Health Mental Retardation Center to allow a former early childhood center to be used as a substance abuse treatment facility.

The city’s planning and zoning commission denied MHMR’s request to change the zoning for the former Martin Early Childhood Center to allow it to be used as a 90-day substance abuse center for some who are released from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

The existing Billy Meeks MHMR facility that currently houses the program only allows for about 70 residents, and is about a half-mile away from the now-deserted Martin Early Childhood Center at 3315 East Broadway Avenue.

The proposed center would house about eighty residents, for a program which has a less than 30 percent recidivism rate.

State law dictates that six councilmembers had to approve to overrule the planning and zoning commission. All seven councilmembers voted in favor of MHMR’s appeal, nullifying the commission’s vote.


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