Tech Head Football Coach Tuberville Receives Contract Extension and Pay Raise

Texas Tech Athletics has announced a contract extension and pay raise for head football coach Tommy Tuberville.

The university announced a one-year extension and increase in pay for Tuberville, raising his annual compensation from $1.5 million to $2 million.

Tech Athletics Director Gerald Myers said that both Tuberville and Tech “share the same goals of graduating student-athletes and running a program with integrity.”

Tuberville is the first football coach in school history to win a bowl game in his first season.


3 Responses to “Tech Head Football Coach Tuberville Receives Contract Extension and Pay Raise”

  1. Tuberville Gets Raise! Mediocrity Rewarded! - KOOL 98 Says:

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  2. Dale Somers Says:

    Rewarding mediocrity? Was that not what we did with Leach? Essentially the same record as Leach averaged over 10 years and Tubs is bringing in a MUCH higher recruiting class and is raising millions compared to Leach for the athletic department.
    Look at how contracts are crafted. There is a base and then the rest is supposed to be “outside income”. Leach refused to earn his outside income while Tuberville earns all of his. Tuberville at 2 million will cost Tech MUCH less than Leach at 1.7. [Leach only earned 40k in outside income his last year]

  3. Dwight Says:

    NO coach (especially one without an earned doctorate degree – Leach had)) deserves to be paid more than a professor (earned doctorate) or a researcher (with earned masters degree or higher), and this applies to high school coaches as well (they do not deserve more than a academic teacher). College (and even high school) IS ABOUT EDUCATION – NOT – FOOTBALL/BASKETBALL or any other sport. There is far too much press about student athletes being recruited to this college or that, and this one won this award or that award. There MUST BE MORE PRESS (this means more press than they give any student athlete) about students being recruited by colleges for their academic achievements, and other achievements for debate, science, math, writing, even performance (stage/music). …and I am a big football fan.

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