City of Lubbock Water Rate Increases to Go Into Effect January 2011

Water rate increases for Lubbock citizens won’t hit the population’s pocketbooks until 2011.

The sizeable flat-fee increases will go into effect in January, rather than hit right before the holidays. The increases for homes with a ¾ inch water meter are $6 per month for the base water rate and $2.26 monthly for the sewer rate. Homes and businesses with a 1 inch water meter will increase monthly by $10.01 for the base water rate, and $2.68 for the sewer rate.

The average bill will increase around $98 dollars annually, which mainly covers wastewater treatment, and the Lake Alan Henry Pipeline Project.

The Lubbock City Council approved the increases effective December 1st, but City of Lubbock Chief Financial Officer Andy Burcham said that if the increases were implemented in December, that could leave some people paying the higher fees for their November bill, prompting the City to enact the rate increases in January.


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